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General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is developed to cover damage claims resulting by personal injuries and property damage that the insured could cause to others. Business owners are at a great risk of been held liable if their employee, customer or any other persons get injured on their business premises. In some cases, you may even be liable for injuries that occur to people who trespass.

Business owners are exposed to wide variety of liability claims and it is necessary that they protect themselves and their businesses through an adequate liability insurance plan. With proper Liability insurance plan, you protect yourself and your business from potential and expensive lawsuits. While evaluating your liability insurance requirement, be thorough in your research and examine all eventualities that can stand you liable. Apart from general risks, analyze any special risks and/or situations that are specific to your business operation.

After determining the general and specific risks, choose a policy, which gives maximum coverage to yourself and your business. Liability insurance provides cover against damages that the insured causes to other persons in the form of injury or property damage. There are two types of liability policies:

Comprehensive General Liability Policy

Comprehensive general liability Policy offers a wider coverage against liabilities to your employee, customers or any other person who gets injured at your premises and/or property damage caused to them. Before purchasing the CLG, you must read and understand the entire terms and conditions of the policies, specially the exclusions enlisted in the policy.

Specialized Liability Policy:

In many cases it is recommended for small business owners to acquire specialized Liability Policies. Small business owner may need specialized plans of liability insurance in order to secure them from the areas that are not covered by the Comprehensive General Plan (CGL). Specialized liability policies include:

* Errors and omissions liability (or malpractice) policies
* Directors and officers liability policies
* Cyberspace liability insurance policies
* Automobile liability insurance

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